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Signal Repeater Device & PSU Only

These are the booster devices only (w/ power supply). They don't include the antennas and other accessories. You'd buy from here only if you know what you're doing.  For the ready-to-install booster kits, please click below.

This category holds the StellaDoradus signal repeater devices plus power supply only. It doesn't include the whole booster kit. A mobile phone signal booster kit comes with necessary accessories namely; receiver antenna, transmitter, coaxial cable, power supply, and mounting accessories. If you're looking for the whole kit, please go to this page.

If you're looking for custom and diy installation, then this is the better way of doing it. First, pick your signal repeater/booster, then choose your indoor antenna depending on your needs. You can choose like; ceiling mount omni-directional  or wall-mount panel for your transmitter antenna, yagi or panel for your receiver antenna. The choice is yours, you can mix and match.

Addons and Accessories are posted on the following page:

For those looking for Easy-to-Install Kits, then you can go to this page.

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SD-RP-1002-DW Repeater Device & PSU Only

Quick FeaturesProvides 3G + 4G (1800Mhz) signal for your Home Frequency 1800Mhz + 2100Mhz Manufactured in Ireland Legal and fully EU compliant Boosts all mobi..

€0.00 Ex Tax: €0.00

SD-RP-1002-D Repeater Device & PSU Only

You can use SD-RP1002-D signal repeater kit to boost your 4G/LTE signal at home. It can also be used in small offices, halls and function rooms. You need at lea..

€327.00 Ex Tax: €265.85

SD-RP-1002-G Repeater Device & PSU Only

In Ireland, the three GSM Network infrastructure owning networks are; Eir Mobile, Vodafone Ireland and Three Ireland. In case one of them is your favourite but ..

€327.00 Ex Tax: €265.85

SD-RP-1002-H Repeater Device & PSU Only

The SD-RP1002-H FeaturesProvides 4G signal for your home Frequency: 2600Mhz Manufactured in Ireland Legal  to use in Irelandand fully EU compliantCo..

€327.00 Ex Tax: €265.85

SD-RP-1002-L Repeater Device & PSU Only

If you're looking to boost your 4G signal either in your home or office, then the SD-RP-1002-L signal repeater kit is the best one for you. It boosts your 4G si..

€327.00 Ex Tax: €265.85

SD-RP-1002-W Repeater Device & PSU Only

3G Repeater for your home and officeProvides 3G signal at 2100Mhz Manufactured in Ireland Legal and fully EU compliant Boosts all mobile operators Everything ..

€327.00 Ex Tax: €265.85

SD-VA-G Repeater Device & PSU Only

The SD-VA-G is a Mobile Phone Signal Booster that can be used in Cars, Trucks, Boats, Yachts and other vehicles. This remarkable device amplifies GSM (Voice) an..

€364.00 Ex Tax: €295.94

SD-RP1002-G-4 Repeater Device & PSU Only

Quick FeaturesProvides GSM signal at 900Mhz for your large building. Coverage: 4000m2 (up to 15 rooms) Compatible with all European mobile operators. Unlimite..

€435.00 Ex Tax: €353.66

SD-RP-1002-GD Repeater Device & PSU Only

Looking for a dual-band mobile phone signal booster? Then look no further! The SD-RP1002-G signal repeater kit from StellaDoradus is the best booster you would..

€563.00 Ex Tax: €457.72

SD-RP-1002-GW Repeater Device & PSU Only

GSM 3G repeater that Can Boost Voice and Data in your Home or OfficeProvides GSM and 3G signal in your home Frequency: 900Mhz + 2100Mhz Manufactured in Irelan..

€563.00 Ex Tax: €457.72

SD-RP-1002-LG Repeater Device & PSU Only

Are you searching to solve you weak signal problem? Then your search is over! The SD-RP1002-LG signal repeater kit will both improve your GSM and 4G/LTE signal..

€563.00 Ex Tax: €457.72

SD-RP-1002GD-4 Repeater Device & PSU Only

Signal Booster for GSM (900Mhz) and 4G (1800Mhz) to expand signal coverage in your office or large installation Quick FeaturesAmplify GSM and 4G (1800Mhz) in ..

€710.00 Ex Tax: €577.24