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CAB092 Dual-SMA Low Loss Coaxial Cable for 4G LTE Antennas New

CAB092 Dual-SMA Low Loss Coaxial Cable for 4G LTE Antennas

The CAB 092 (CAB92) is a twin SMA coaxial low-loss cable that you should use with any 4G LTE modem/router to take advantage of the LTE MIMO technology. This cab..

€34.00 Ex Tax: €27.64

Poynting DIPL-1 Omni-directional GSM Antenna

DIPL-1 - Covert Omni-directional GSM External Antenna For VehiclesThis state-of-the-art antenna installs covertly in your vehicles and does not require an..

€24.07 Ex Tax: €19.57

Poynting LPDA-92 3G/4G LTE Directional Outdoor Antenna for Routers & GSM Applications

High-Gain All Band LTE/3G/GSM Antenna with Cable (12 dBi) This high-gain all band antenna is one of our most popular products. The antenna covers virtually all ..

€149.00 Ex Tax: €121.14

Poynting MIMO-1 LTE/GPS/WI-FI Antenna for in-vehicle Routers

This Antenna model is nearly out of stock. Once depleted, you can order these similar product and replace it with either PUCK-5 or MIMO-3-V2-13.The MIMO-1 in..

€205.00 Ex Tax: €166.67

Poynting MIMO-3-V2 Series - WiFi/GPS/4G LTE Omni-directional MIMO In-Vehicle Router Antenna

If you're looking to buy a router external antenna system for your vehicles or marine application, then you came to the right place on the Internet. Novatel Com..

€162.00 Ex Tax: €131.71

Poynting OMNI-121 - GSM/3G/4G/LTE External Antenna

GSM/3G/4G/LTE Omni-directional External Antenna - Poynting OMNI-121 The OMNI-121 is an Omni-directional external antenna manufactured by Poynting, a South-Afric..

€96.00 Ex Tax: €78.05

Poynting OMNI-232 Puck Antenna Out Of Stock

Poynting OMNI-232 Puck Antenna

Operating Frequency: 795 - 960, 1710 - 2170, 2300 - 2400 & 2500 -2700 MHZ Wide band Omni GSM/3G/LTE Puck Antenna The PUCK antenna is a low gain omni-directi..

€37.00 Ex Tax: €30.08

Poynting OMNI-275 Omni-directional WiFi/2G/3G/4G Router Antenna for Marine & M2M Application

The Poynting OMNI-275 omni-directional antenna supports WiFi, 2G and Wimax networks and also capable of supporting 4G and 3G data networks. With its 4G capabil..

€155.00 Ex Tax: €126.02

Poynting OMNI-280-8 - 4dBi SISO External Network Router Antenna for LTE, 3G, 2G & WiFi

The OMNI-280-8 medium-gain 4dBi SISO antenna provides a technologically advance solution to improve/enhance 4G LTE, 3G and 2G cellular signals. It's a one-of-a..

€29.00 Ex Tax: €23.58

Poynting OMNI-291 - Omnidirectional GSM/3G/4G LTE Antenna for Marine Application

The OMNI-291 is another external antenna model made by Poynting.  It's a modified version of the OMNI-69, but with special housing. This model has a 7dBi p..

€193.00 Ex Tax: €156.91

Poynting OMNI-292 Omnidirectional Outdoor Antenna for 4G/LTE, 3G, GPRS & WiFi Routers

If you're looking for the old OMNI-69 antenna, then this guy is what you're looking for. 69 is out, while the 292 is in! The OMNI-292 had replaced the extremely..

€147.00 Ex Tax: €119.51

Poynting OMNI-296 - Omini-directional Dual-band WiFi Antenna for Routers

The Poynting OMNI-296 is a dual-band omni directional WiFi antenna, that is backward compatible with the older wireless technology. With the new 5GHz wireless ..

€95.00 Ex Tax: €77.24